Ongoing Water Project – Resources

Ongoing Water Project – Resources

Get Involved in Seattle
More info on Seattle’s watersheds
Piper’s Creek Watershed
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Puget Sound Facts

Relevant Articles
“Having gained access at last to the deep-down information, having consulted with the farthest and freakiest of the fish folk, we are discovering that much of the deep-down information is about us, the frigging humans, and how we’re ruining everything.”

“Let’s put it this way: Unless far more determined action is taken in response to climate change now, our children will witness the end of salmon, shellfish, whales and much more in their lifetime.”  

“For Rhissa Delfin, global climate change hits home. Delfin was born in tourist-dependent Guam, where parts of the island’s spectacular coral reefs have periodically died back in a process known as coral bleaching, caused by warmer ocean waters. In a warmer world, islands like Guam will also be threatened by more powerful, more dangerous tropical storms.”


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