October 11, 12, 13th | 8PM
October 14th | 2PM

Erickson Theatre Off Broadway
Seattle, WA


Photo: Arthur Allen

Karin Stevens and composer/sound artist Kaley Lane Eaton present an evening of two works: a reproduction of the award-winning Lily, and the premiere of LUNG. Together these pieces explore issues of migration, connection, and finding one’s voice in the world today.

Watch the first iteration of the work performed June 2017

Stevens and Eaton seek to unlock the voices of the marginalized to tell the true stories of our time for posterity. Through both personal experience and observations of society, they understand that the voice can get caught deep in the lungs, never to escape and proclaim itself. But when the winning breath is taken – with help from those around us – the voice explodes in ecstasy, telling lost stories, and freeing the body.


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Artist Statement


Movement is the impetus as life is the content. Through layers of movement is the thread of truth; the sole story, the shape and texture of feeling and meaning. Beneath the motion is etched the lines of our grief and grandeur in this 21st century imperfect, moving human art form. The purpose of our relationship to creation is revealed. Beautiful. Infinite. Moving. Live. Turbulent. Grace.


“Karin is the consummate artist professional: easy to work with, warm, enthusiastic, imaginative, and above of all, supremely competent. The result… a memorable experience for performers and audiences alike.”

-John Zoltek Music Director, Glacier Symphony and Festival Amadeus Whitefish, Montana 

Collaborators and Commissions

Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble  |  UW Chamber Singers  |  Michael Owcharuk  |  JUBILEE  |  Seattle Against Slavery  |  Phillip A. Peterson  |  The Starry Night Chamber Orchestra  |  Glacier Symphony and Chorale  |  Emily Ann Peterson  |  Simple Measures  |  Gossamer Collective  |  Craig van den Bosch  |  Northwest Symphony Orchestra  |  String Orchestra of the Rockies  |  Tacoma Urban Orchestra  |  Mack Grout  |  Dave Chapaitis  |  Beki Wilson/Out of Line  |  Book-It Theater/Circumbendibus Vol. III  |  Theatre Puget Sound  |  Sam Boshnack Quintet  |  Omar Willey  |  Paul Rucker  |  Wayne Horvitz  |  Jovino Santos Neto  |  Universal Language Project  |  Doug Thorpe | Sarah Mosher (costume designer) | Beth Fleenor | Kin of the Moon | Kaley Lane Eaton