What Better Than Call a Dance? – April 20, 2018

What Better Than Call a Dance? – April 20, 2018

What Better Than Call a Dance?
Friday, April 20 at 8PM

Chapel Performance Space
Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N

Kin of the Moon, Seattle’s new improvisation-centric, technology-friendly chamber music series/ensemble, presents “What Better Than Call a Dance,” a performance of new dance-inspired music by Kin of the Moon members plus improvised dance/music pieces by clarinetist/improviser Beth Fleenor and dancer/choreographer Karin Stevens. Presented by Nonsequitur’s Wayward Music Series.

KSD is thrilled to work with longtime friends/colleagues/collaborations Kin of the Moon (KOTM) and Beth Fleenor to create “What Better Than Call a Dance,” a performance inspired by the relationship of dance to music, and how they two inform one another. The longform performance will be an alternation of improvisations from Fleenor/Stevens and new dance-inspired works from KOTM. One of the fascinating aspects of the classical music tradition is examining and reworking historical practices. KOTM will be reworking Renaissance dance, the waltz, the tango, and EDM through its own lens, utilizing electronics, clapping games, recorded and filtered samples, multiple acoustic instruments, and improvisation, as well as through-composed new music by Heather Bentley and Kaley Lane Eaton.

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