Singular Focus

  • Singular Focus
  • Singular Focus
  • Singular Focus

shapeimage_1 (2)It is very easy to be pull from one’s natural plumb line of purpose and gifting.  There is so much outside of ourselves distracting us from the truth in our own tissues.  Our minds conceive of these outside competing forces often pushing us off our balance unable to fulfill our design. How do we discern and transform and participate in OUR unique “ongoing dynamic of reflexivity and self-creation” (LaMothe, Nietzsche’s Dancers, x).

Sometimes we must close the eye and take a singular focus.

I take a class once a week from Amy Weaver in Gyrotonics, a form of movement practice.  (I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to rediscover true structural alignment.) This week she spoke words of  movement and metaphor for living.  “We must surrender the improper use of some muscles in order for the purposed ones to to activate.”

Singular focus and turning toward the movement our body desires to make may surrender what you don’t need that taxes your energy and depresses the spirit.  From this singular moving focus what is purposed to be activated will take form.

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