Point of Departure

Point of Departure

Photography by Tim Summers

Performances May 4-5, 2012, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle

Choreography by Karin Stevens

Visual Images, Props, Music by Craig van den Bosch

Video Sample: Point of Departure

Review: Seattle Star “This is an extremely beautiful piece. Craig van den Bosch’s visual imagery is stunning and his accompanying score has incredible subtlety and effectiveness as accompaniment and as music on its own. Some have called architecture “frozen music.” Here, in Ms. Stevens’ choreography, the goal is to free the music from its frozen form and give it shape. It is a brilliant piece and completely refreshing in the sometimes sterile world of Seattle dance. If I had any complaint it would be that any given section could be twice its length. The density of the piece is extraordinary and it surely requires and rewards repeated viewings.” – Omar Willey




This evening length work was inspired by architectures of science and faith: The Cern Hadron Collider and 12th Century Islamic Muqarnes Domes.  This “point of    departure” for the work explored questions of matter and spirit.


Photography by TIm Summers


Photography by Craig van den Bosch



Photography by Tim Summers

Photography by Tim Summers

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