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Ongoing Water Project – Resources

Ongoing Water Project – Resources Get Involved in Seattle More info on Seattle’s watersheds Piper’s Creek Watershed Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Puget Sound Facts Relevant Articles “Having gained access at last to the deep-down information, having consulted with the farthest and freakiest of the fish folk, we are discovering that muc ...[Read More]

Ongoing Water Project – Roger Feldman

Ongoing Water Project – Roger Feldman Roger Feldman graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Art Education. He then studied theology at Fuller Seminary for one year, but he chose to return to Seattle to pursue art as a vocation. After working for two years, he attended Claremont Graduate University and received an MFA in Sculpture (1977). Roger has been an integral part o ...[Read More]

National Water Dance Day – April 14, 2018

National Water Dance Day – April 14, 2018

JOIN KSD FOR NATIONAL WATER DANCE DAY on APRIL 14, 2018 at 1PM in Carkeek Park – A CELEBRATION OF ARTS IN ACTION! Karin Stevens Dance presents Sea Change Within Us: Moving Beyond Our Failures Towards Water as Life KSD joins over 100 dance institutions from more than four countries and 40 states in this site-specific simultaneous event. The performance will be streamed across inter/national s ...[Read More]

Ongoing Water Project – Devi Lockwood Interviews

Ongoing Water Project – Devi Lockwood Interviews Devi Lockwood is a poet / touring cyclist / storyteller traveling the world (mostly by bicycle) to record 1,001 audio stories on water & climate change. Since the 2014 People’s Climate March in NYC she has collected over 750 stories in the USA, Fiji, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Qatar, Morocco, the U.K., ...[Read More]