Through performance works and community events, KSD creates space for building connections. As a radical and vital art, dance can act as a key to our future sustainability. We commune, collaborate and converse through dance to remember that to be fully human we must move and create.

Founded in 2009 by Karin Stevens, KSD captures the breadth of the human experience – creating imaginative performance works investigating the complex layers of our cultural spaces, our time and our relationship to nature. The company has performed locally at Velocity Dance Center, Fremont Abbey, Burien Performing Arts Center and Edmonds Community College and toured regionally to the O’Shaugnessy Center (MT) and Dennison Theatre (MT) among others.

Prioritizing live and original sound, KSD has collaborated with Glacier Symphony and Chorale, String Orchestra of the Rockies, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, Simple Measures, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble and the Sam Boshnack Quintet.

KSD has received support from Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 4-Culture, Microsoft, Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG, Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation, and through Velocity’s Creative Residency Program.


The Seattle-based KSD company collaborates with music, visual, costume and theater artists to create new contemporary works. KSD works merge both the imaginative visions of the choreographer and the collaborators in movement, sound, concept, and design. Capturing the breadth of the moving human experience, the works strive for a beauty, sometimes humorous or turbulent, with richly textured patterns that embody the complex layers of our cultural spaces, time and relationship to nature.


  • To be fully human is to move and to create from this movement.
  • Dance is a radical and vital art key to our future in this 21st century.
  • Movement is a returning of the mind to the body and a respite from a tethered life to our ever increasing disembodied technological world.
  • Movement connects us to the mystery, wonder, beauty, and joy in our complex existence.
  • Movement provides humor, healing, and play that is vital to our well-being and fully-human living.
  • Movement gives us a connection to our self and a connectedness toward others.
  • The power of transformation through movement can be experienced both in the practice/performance and the viewing of dance.
  • In a vision for a world through movement that unfolds us into our fullest human capacity for creativity, freedom, health and love.
  • In communion, conversation, and collaboration.
  • We are all dancers.


Karin Stevens began her training most notably with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater and The Seattle Children’s Theater. Her artistic lens has been influenced by a diverse movement background and travel, including a theatrical performance experience as a teen in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and a year studying dance in Spain as a young adult. While completing a B.A. in dance from the University of Washington, she was awarded a Mary Gates Endowment for Student Leadership Grant for her work with at-risk youth through dance. In 1999, Stevens began presenting her work and since has completed more than 70 dances. As Director of Dance at Dr Philips H. S., Orlando, FL, 2000 – 2003, she created many notable dances and was awarded multiple invitations to present in various national and local dance festivals, including a request to teach and choreograph for The Orlando Ballet School. In 2003, Stevens was awarded a full scholarship and teaching assistantship to the Mills College MFA Dance program. While dancing with the Mills Repertory Dance Company her performance in Molissa Fenley’s, Water Courses, was recognized in the Voice of Dance. Following graduate school, Stevens formed Oakland Dance Encounter, collaborating with local composers and performing in many Bay Area venues. Stevens returned to Seattle in 2007 to form Karin Stevens Dance. 2009 – 2011, her company was established as the resident dance company of the Fremont Abbey Arts Center. As Dance Curator for the Fremont Abbey Stevens produced a number of curated dance events and assisted in the mission and launch of dance educational classes, workshops and community outreach. Stevens has danced for VOCI Dance, Double Vision, Omega West, Push Up Something Hidden Dance, Westwick Dolder Dance Theater, Molissa Fenley and Dancers, Penny Hutchinson, and various Seattle, Los Angeles and Bay Area independent choreographers. In February 2009 she joined master choreographer Molissa Fenley, as an associate artist, at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. The versatility of Stevens choreographic ability has been seen on the stage with Taproot Theatre, Book-it Repertory Theatre and through a commission by Theatre Puget Sound. Her company, Karin Stevens Dance, collaborates with many local and regional artists, composers, and music ensembles. Karin is also the mother of three daughters!



    Naphtali Beyleveld
    Philippa Myler
    Anja Kellner-Rogers
    Kelly Taylor
    Alexandra Beatty Spencer
    Timothy Johnson
    Maia Veague
    Noelle Price


  • Amy Daniel
  • Morgan Houghton
  • Katie Schwab
  • Sarah Olds
  • Kelsey Hamon
  • Evan Foster
  • Miranda Chisholm-Sims
  • Shana Robbins
  • Anna Waller
  • Eileen Wingfield
  • Katherine Freeman
  • Maya Felton
    • El Nyberg
    • Ingrid Keek-Porter
    • Audrey Christianson
    • Taylor Augustine
  • Belle Wolf
  • Amy Weaver
  • Emily Durand
  • Caprice Abowitt
  • Christin Lusk
  • Melanie Williams
  • Hannah Taylor
  • Keneniah Bystrom
  • Brittany Schank
  • Adrienne White
  • Sarah Seder
    • Abbi Kaesberg
    • Hannah Duffany
      • Megan Stutesman
      • Jamie Maslach




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